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I offer drivers tips on driving safely when slow moving vehicles (SMVs) are near. Look for my bright orange triangle on tractors & combines, maintenance vehicles, street cleaners, and more, then approach with caution. When we share the road, we all win!

If the name you submit is chosen, you win $100 worth of gasoline!

Driving Tips

Safety First

Find the Sign

Vehicles with a maximum speed of 25 mph are required to post a SMV sign on the back of the vehicle. At night, the reflective red border of the SMV sign is visible.

Slow Down

Rear-end collisions are the number one cause of SMV accidents. If you are driving 55 mph and come upon a SMV moving at 25 mph, it only takes 8 seconds to close a gap the length of a football field.

Pass with Care

SMVs are typically large and hard to see around. Wait for a safe passing zone, watch for oncoming traffic, signal and return to the lane once the SMV is in your rear view mirror.

Road Safety Report

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Driving Tips

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Want to check out what not to do? See what to look out for and help you arrive to your destination safely sharing the road.